Go ahead, have all that fun without me.

It’s opening night at San Diego Comic Con and I’m not there. Super jealous of my friends and all the fun they’re having. It’s not throwback Thursday quite yet, but here’s the yelp review of SDCC that I wrote back in 2008, when I was basically using yelp as a diary.



2008 will be my 4th Comic-Con in SD and I’ve also been to WonderCon in SF a few times and now Comic-Con in NYC. Each time, I’ve been working a booth (Emily the Strange), so these events are both the most miserable and the most entertaining days out of my year. The best thing is what you can learn about the general nerd population, and here is what I have observed:
1. Nerds CAN find love, and/or action, at Comic-Con. If you are a lonely nerd, all you need is a Comic-Con pass, some sort of ridiculous costume, and/or a “free hugz” sign, and you too can lose your virginity.
2. Nerds come in all races. I realize this was ignorant of me, but four years ago I kinda thought that all nerds were white or Asian, and that black & Latino people were simply too cool for all this Comic-Con claptrap. This is far from the case.
3. Nerds truly come into their own at Comic-Con. You can cheerfully yell, “What’s up, nerds?” at a group of them, and get offered swigs of whiskey (out of authentic period goatskin flasks, no less) in return.
4. Many nerds are happy to fight each other with their authentic period swords if you tell them to. This is highly entertaining, whether or not you are already drunk.
5. Be warned, if you work a booth, that some of the nerds at Comic-Con will need to tell you the names of all their cats, their favorite colors, everything they have purchased EVER at Comic-Con, and so forth, until the convention is over, and the cleanup crew are yelling at them that they are in danger of being rolled up with the carpet. (I’m actually not kidding about that last….) Be patient and know that these people have not spoken to another human since last year’s Comic-Con.

I recommend comfy shoes, inappropriate headgear, DEODORANT, handi-wipes, poster tubes (stop asking me for poster tubes, nerds….), sherpas to carry your loot, camera, grabby-grabby hands, patience, beer, goatskin flasks of whiskey, and some type of germ mask, possibly integrated with your japanese-bondage-anime-nurse outfit. You really don’t want the Comic-Con-Cold that I get every damn time.



…and with Jack Sparrow.

OMG he's cuter than Johnny Depp

OMG he’s cuter than Johnny Depp


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