About me

I’ve been writing for the Emily the Strange character since the days when she was still just a t-shirt design. I’ve coauthored eight comic books for Dark Horse and four YA novels for HarperCollins (Lost Days, Stranger and Stranger, Dark Times, and Piece of Mind). Since 2003, I’ve been representing Emily at all kinds of industry events from ComicCon to the Frankfurt Book Fair. As should befit one of Emily’s Agents of Strange, I am devoted to keeping YA weird, diverse, smart, and hilarious.

I have taught high school English, edited a pop-culture magazine, worked in software mergers & acquisitions, sung opera, played in a band, owned a clothing boutique, and performed stand-up. (Okay, once. It counts! IT COUNTS.)

I currently moderate a book group at the Mill Valley Library and lead a writers’ group in San Rafael. I also raise chickens for fun and manure.

I’m proud of my resting bitch face and I wear a lot of wigs.

Hit me on the tweeter (@gruner23) if you know any good jokes!