editing services

Whether you need high-level feedback on your storyline or brutal line edits, I am here for you. Quick turnaround, reasonable rates, sharp insights. Yeah, baby.

My philosophy: Your job as a writer is to find, exploit, and perfect your unique genius. Conforming to others’ ideas of what your writing should look like might get you published, but I’d encourage you to form higher goals. I aspire to meet each writer on their own terms. I look for your unique genius and help you polish it.

In case you care about credentials: I co-edited the zine Bunnyhop, taught high school English for several years, published a handful of novels, currently lead a monthly writers’ group, and got a degree in creative writing. OMG I’m already bored of myself. Email me for details on rates and such.

Anyway, Ross says it better:

“I’ve had the pleasure of both taking a writing course with Jessica and using her as a reader/reviewer of my work. As an instructor Jessica is conscientious, creative and non-doctrinaire. I thoroughly enjoyed her course and found her approach to be refreshing in its willingness to accommodate a wide variety of writing styles and content. As a reviewer/reader, Jessica’s comments have been incisive and thoughtful. She is very encouraging and willing to go the extra mile to provide feedback that is both practical and insightful. I would highly recommend her services.”

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